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Andreas Hofer, the Austrian resistance fighter who for many years led rebellion against the great conqueror Napoleon, was finally executed by a firing squad in Mantua. 200 years later he is born again - to become a winter travel writer. His solo journeys take him to endless snow fields and barren deserts, to grand glaciers and awe-inspiring peaks, to forlorn islands and empty beaches, to far and remote mountain villages sleeping under pillows of silent snow.

And yet, the landscapes he visits are never void of people. Shepherds, nomads, hunters, villagers, herders, migrant peddlers, soldiers, merchants and beggars tell their story and the tale of their land, their ancestors, and their hope. He believes in travels necessitated by inquisitiveness and human curiosity; his journeys strife to reveal the unexpected, in both far away places and in front of one’s own doorstep.

His heroes are all those writing men and women who succeeded in scrutinising the world without shades, and who saw the richness of life in the most humble places: Ryszard Kapuscinski, Gustav Krist, Ella Maillart, Eric Newby, Henry Miller, Peter Fleming, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Byron, Lafcadio Hearn, old Herodotus, Wiktor Sarianidis, Venedikt Erofeev, Graham Greene, Arthur Koestler, Irfan Orga, Rockwell Kent, Fitzroy Maclean, or, most recently, Rory Stewart, Redmond O’Hanlon, Asne Seierstad. His features appear in Conde Nast Traveller, Ski & Board, and various in-flight magazines, his cultural reviews daily for many years in Austrian newspapers.

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Austriaskiclub.co.uk / April 2021

Winter was not admitting defeat easily this year. It came with unprecedented amounts of snow, unusually cold weather, and lasted well beyond its sell-by date. When I visited Heiligenblut, the tiny, Austrian ski resort at the foot of Großglocker (3,798m) at the end of April, the battle with spring was not yet decided. On one side the still-three-metre thick armoury of snow, a firm frontier retreating only a few inches per day. On the other side, beyond the debris of this winter’s avalanches – a no-man’s-land of uprooted forests, smashed fences and damaged houses – spring, a ...Read more

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